The Chamber of certified architects and certified engineers of Republic of Macedonia merges all engineering professions in Republic of Macedonia. It is the only engineering chamber in Republic of Macedonia, empowered by the national legislation to issue certificates to Macedonian engineers and architects in terms of their professional eligibility, and the only entitled institution in Republic of Macedonia to issue certificates for foreign engineers / architects wanting to work in Republic of Macedonia. The Chamber operates with 12 engineering departments, for each engineering profession, and has over 3000 active members and additional 3500 non-active members.

Our Chamber is full member of the European Council of Engineering Chambers (ECEC), the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), and the International Balkan engineering council (IIRS).

In October 2017, our Chamber will host the ECEC General Assembly meeting. In February 2017 we organized and hosted the IIRS yearly meeting.

The Macedonian Chamber has very active role in the process of Continued Professional development (CPD) of the engineers in Republic of Macedonia, and in that regards, the Chamber organizes between 20-30 educational seminars per year across the country. Further to that, our Chamber financially and logistically supports 5-10 engineering symposiums/other events organized by other engineering organizations in Republic of Macedonia. Every year, our Chamber awards the best engineering students with an engineering ring, under the auspices of the President of Republic of Macedonia.